Godus released a new patch yesterday with an update to the way settlements work. Unforunately, the balancing on the patch is pretty poor at the moment as they rushed it out the door after the iOS release (thursday) so the PC gamers didn’t feel left out.

I got fed up of the bugs and waiting and so hacked in what is essentially infinite resources, and starting building and playing around to my hearts content. And I have to say, once you get rid of the ‘paywalls’ and the waiting, the game is actually pretty fun & relaxing to play. The first picture above is the town I named Ziggurat (I mean just look at it, how could I not?).

Ziggurat itself isn’t cheated in any way, a player with enough time and patience could easily reproduce it, I just used gems to speed up the building of the houses that were consumed by it. It cost in total maybe 200,000 belief to create, but you could probably get that lower by being more efficient with your settlement usage. 

Interestingly, the devs decided to set part of the growth of the settlements to be exponential, so in the end I can fit nearly 23,000 people into just one settlement! It’s a shame that this is a building settlement, and so doesn’t produce me any grain or wheat. 

The second picture shows my mining settlement of Isengard. I’ve been building it up, and have only just started getting it to send out miners to dig the ore. Over time, the entire side of the mountain should be covered in mines.

The final picture is of one of my farming settlements. This is much more developed than the mining settlement, and has been around for a while. I played around with the ground underneath the settlement to get the zig-zag shape of it. There are a lot of people milling around in this picture because I just planted a bunch of trees and they are out celebrating how awesome I am. 

cape selfie

except not bc I’m someone else. Check out this cape though.

You know that thing where you are just gonna play a little bit of a game, and then it’s suddenly 3:30am? Yeah well that just happened… again. 

Yes I live in Solihull nothing ever really happens here which is why the police have time to come up with this kind of thing.

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tread softly, because you tread on my memes

i can’t believe how embarrassed to have printed that word combination i would be in hindsight if i were richard dawkins


I hope people are aware that he actually invented the word back in the 1970’s to refer to an idea that spreads from person to person within a culture, and it’s the internet that’s taken it to refer to the whole picture stuff instead.

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Damn it would I lie to you… not only are you hilariously funny, but then you show two giant racks of ribs and I am now so hungry. Fuck.


Actual Fox News logo during anti-immigrant segment.

In addition to being grossly nationalistic, Fox News also blatantly ripped off this ridiculous logo from Bioshock, a game that takes place in a city run by a religious zealot

Ha, this is fantastic. Maybe Fox News are just hoping that somewhere through an interdimensional tear there is a universe where Father Comstock is real and succeeded in taking over America, killing all the immigrants while he was at it. 

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Song of the Day: XVIII

Attitude City  - Ninja Sex Party

  I have no idea what this is, or what game grumps is. 

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