Damn it would I lie to you… not only are you hilariously funny, but then you show two giant racks of ribs and I am now so hungry. Fuck.


Actual Fox News logo during anti-immigrant segment.

In addition to being grossly nationalistic, Fox News also blatantly ripped off this ridiculous logo from Bioshock, a game that takes place in a city run by a religious zealot

Ha, this is fantastic. Maybe Fox News are just hoping that somewhere through an interdimensional tear there is a universe where Father Comstock is real and succeeded in taking over America, killing all the immigrants while he was at it. 

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Song of the Day: XVIII

Attitude City  - Ninja Sex Party

  I have no idea what this is, or what game grumps is. 

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when u put on a song u like at a party that no one knows


savethewales, this is you every time you get hold of the laptop at parties.

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Downloading Battlefield Hardline beta, should be done in about 20 minutes. It’s been a while since I played a battlefield game, but this looks like it could be fun. Looks a lot like payday but with more people and more explosions, which sounds like a good thing.

Exams finished, first lengthy spell of free time in ~3.5 years. Come at me video games!



Magneto is awesome, I should be Magneto.

 From the TV Tropes wiki:

I should be able to: turn invisible (due to visible light being a type of electromagnetic radiation), phase shift (electromagnetism is what keeps solid objects from passing through one another and thus I could deactivate this and walk through walls or go beyond that and become completely invincible), unleash any kind of laser blasts at my foes (once again light is electromagnetic radiation), and even create optical illusions via, again, manipulation of light.

To further elaborate, electromagnetism is arguably the most interesting of the four fundamental forces in that its scope, and thus the scope of my powers, encompasses virtually everything in the universe. I explicitly control half of physics, all of chemistry (which when boiled down is the study of protons, neutrons, and electrons), and most of biology (which is a combination of chemistry and physics). In fact, because I can manipulate valence electrons, I can force chemical reactions to occur that are normally impossible or make reactions that normally occur not happen. The EM spectrum by itself gives me heat vision, x-ray vision, illusions and invisibility, I am my own radio and can mess with yours, I can produce the deadliest form of radiation, and I can microwave food on a whim. Furthermore, I can manipulate peoples’ nervous systems which after all run on electrical signals, flash freeze or heat matter by imparting or taking away kinetic energy through protons and electrons, transmute anything into any other thing by rearranging particles at the subatomic level, disintegrate anything bigger than a nucleus, hijack electronics, and a good number of other interesting effects. The long and short of it is: if it can be done via natural means, I can do it.

What the fuck Magneto, why don’t you just rule the world by now?

Goddamn omega level mutants…


Like he already does this stuff. Also you imagine it’s kinda difficult to do.

Side note: complete invulnerability isn’t possible for him, he can avoid EM interaction (if he could fix the location of each of his electrons individually which would be insanely difficult), but he’d still suffer from strong/weak interaction, so as a bullet is passing through him, the nuclei can still interact with each other (like in particle accelerators).

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